The historic museum of the ride and popular entertainment
Strozzi Palace – Bergantino Rovigo
The historic museum of the ride and popular entertainment of Bergantino is a unique center of research in Italy that takes care of the complex and varied cultural world of the popular entertainment in the squares: from the Medieval Fairs to the amusement park of the 19th century with its traditional itinerant shows (The Theatre of the Masks, puppets and marionettes, the circus, the itinerant movie theatre, the first hand-moved rides with ritual origins), up to the modern hyper-technological Luna Park with its thrill rides.

The exposition is mostly documentary, supported by curious original objects, precious and rare musical instruments from the Fairs of the 19th century, models of old and modern rides that are perfectly functioning, artistic hand-made objects, amazing life-stories of the itinerant people, prints and paintings, images and movies on touch-screen or projector: everything through a fascinating historical and anthropological itinerary provided with the most modern devices for multimedia communication. The tour offers the visitor an imaginary journey through the spaces of game and fantasy of antique worlds, focused in a delimited area and presented with an enchanting and imaginative set-up. Surprises? Marvels? It’s guaranteed, they won’t miss. Let’s enter, then, in silence and only virtually for the moment, in the evocative atmospheres of the “Elsewhere Places”.