E.Silvestrini with texts by Tommaso Zaghini and Corrado Ferri
"The traveling people. Life stories,images and machines of the traveling entertainment of Bergantino" - Pàtron Editore, Bologna, 2000.
Collection of interviews - life stories of itinerant showmen and ride constructors of Bergantino.
€ 12.00
T. Zaghini
"The Elsewhere places. Historical- anthropological itinerary through games and shows of the fair and the amusement park"- Grafiche FM Bergantino, 2001.
Guide to the itinerary of the Museum.
€ 5.00
E. Silvestrini
"Square entertainment in Rome. The sources" - Pàtron Editore, Bologna, 2001.
Collection of documents about square entertainments in the roman area between the end of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century.
€ 10.00
Corrado Ferri
"A house on wheels" - Titivillus Edizioni, Corazzano - PI, 2006.
Narrative work for children which tells the adventures of two young sons of two traveling-entertainment workers and their moving from one place to another, from a town to another one, in the fairs with their own ride and caravan.
€ 10.00
C. Ferri and T. Zaghini
"Ring around the roses. History of the old rides and the modern and technological entertaining machines" - Ed. Minelliana, Rovigo, 2009.
Illustrated history of the different types of ride, from the antiquity to nowadays.
€ 15.00
T. Zaghini
"The Circus. Historic itinerary of the circensian entertainment" - Ed. Minelliana, Rovigo, 2010.
Illustrated history of the Circus.
€ 15.00
Gian Paolo Borghi and Giorgio Vezzani
"Sigfrido Mantovani: an itinerant musician through the 20th century" with attached CD - Cartografica Artigiana di Ferrara, 2011
Notebook that tells the life of the storyteller S.Mantovani, with documents, photos and a CD containing live recordings by Giorgio Vezzani.
€ 5.00
Tommaso Zaghini with texts by Elvia Arcellaschi
"Didactic notebook of the Museum of the Ride" - Alberto Brigo Editore, 2009
A didactic notebook for our little visitors, but also a support for teachers who are willing to approach to the study of the museums of our province.
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