Services and Structures

Access for disabled persons:
The museum of the ride is accessible to disabled visitors. In order to facilitate the acceptance it's recommended, at the moment of reservation, to communicate it to the staff. The admission at the Museum is free for disabled persons and eventual chaperon.

Currently not available at the Museum so for safety reasons, it is not possible to leave bags,purses or luggages in deposit.

Photos and videos:
Inside the Museum panoramic pictures are allowed (besides single documents) and also amatorial shootings without flash and without trestle. For professional photos and videos it's necessary to present a written application at the office of the Museum.

The Museum of the Ride offers to students and researchers interested in deepening the topics presented at the Museum, a library with about 1.000 books about circus, the traveling entertainment, the amusement parks, funfairs and so on... the books can be consulted on the spot.

Bookshop :
Inside the Museum there is a Bookshop with publications edited by the Museum