The educational itinerarie
The educational itineraries that the Museum of the Rides offers to the visiting classes are different basing on the age of the visitors and on the teacher's demand and needs. The visitors can deepen different subjects through the help of various touch screens and three big screens for multimedia projections. Below you can find a brief list of some of the topics that we deepen througout the tour:

Chronological itinerary:  
  • First fair activities by the antique civilizations: mesopotamic, egyptian, greek and roman.
  • Birth of the medieval and Renaissance mercantile fair with its big itinerant shows: the theatre of the Maks, puppets and marionettes, the pre-cinema with the magic lantern, the fascinating itinerant artists and so on.
  • The evolution of the Fair into Amusement Park between the 1700s and 1800s and into Luna Park in the 1900s with the advent of the most advanced technologies.

(The itinerary of anthropological nature goes side by side with the historical program for the schools).

Thematic itinerary
Brief stories in ppt or videoprojection on specific topics:
  • The labyrinth in the historic tradition.
  • Brief history of the art of divination.
  • Challenges, games and public shows in the antique Rome.
  • Pilgrims and pilgrimages in the Middle Age.
  • The Middle Age. In serch of the historical roots of the traditional Fair.
  • The "Commedia dell'Arte".
  • The puppets' theatre.
  • The marionette's theatre.
  • The circus. Brief illustrated history about the origins of the circus shows.
  • The ride: from the ritual swings of the antique Fair to the astonishing machines of the modern Luna Park.
  • The traveling people. The historical origin of the traveling show of Bergantino.
  • The traveling people. History and stories of the main traveling families from Bergantino.
  • The industry of dreams and the modern thrill rides.