The "Industry of Dreams" in Polesine, in Veneto, in Italy

From the past to the future, through the present. In the last room, we want to enter another sphere of Luna Park, the productive one. Where and how are the rides built? The room is again a journey through the time,but especially through the places: the industries of dreams or the laboratories where these dreams come true. Starting from the first artisans' small shops where with many ideas but few means they could create authentic technical miracles, the tour brings the visitor gradually to the present: the images lose their pioneering taste and bring us to a reality where the computerised technology prevails.
What the visitor will have in front of him, through tens of photographs and videos, will be a world made of colours, lights, new but old forms and movements. It will be an emotion to find out that the Luna Park is probably the perfect synthesis between the past and the future.

Giostra avio Giostra avio moderna Giostre in costruzione
Crazy Dance Giostre di vertigine Giostre di vertigine