The "Traveling People": the origin of the traveling show of Bergantino during the 1920s and 1930s. The itinerants in Italy.

From the machines to the man: behind each ride there is a history, but there is above all a family, different events that intersect with each other, choices and feelings that are almost inextricable. In this room we want to focus on the human element of the phenomenon of Luna Park and we can do it starting from a place and a time: the place where the museum is located, Bergantino, at the beginning of the 1920s. A rich collection of images recreates the historical context of that time: mysery, unemployment, emigration. Then the man and his creative genius: Umberto Bacchiega, Umberto Favalli, Albino Protti, pioneers of a new activity, the one of itinerant-show-men.
The images tell their histories: their first ride, the first travels, hopes and trepidation. And then all the other families that in the following decades undertook the itinerant activity: their projects and dreams. The stories of the traveling people of Bergantino, rather than celebrating a page of local hostory, they become paradigmatic for the realities of all the italian itinerant. The pictures, carefully researched among the private collections of many families, will touch our visitors' feelings and will make them reflect.

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