The Amusement Park: centre of social aggregation and cultural development (1800-1900).

The history.
The amusement park was born from the Fair, when people started searching for faster channels of marketing, as a result of the economic development due to the Industrial Revolution. The element of entertainment, which had been until then a secondary activity in support of marketing, became the protagonist of the squares. So from the second part of the 1700s, the square offered new games and shows, preserving however its cultural and didactic function, consisting in spreading science, through entertainment, for a public that was mostly composed by illiterates.

The room of the amusement park.
In the biggest room of the museum you can really experience the emotions of the first amusement parks, accompanied by the joyful music of original old musical instruments, authentic historical and cultural heritage of the museum. Visitors are always captured by the images that bring them into a journey through the time: tightrope walkers, acrobats, pavilions, death well, the first hand-moved-rides, the ones that worked with steam engines, gypsies, magicians, fortune teller, strength challenges, dartboards, magic lanterns, the ambulant movie theater... places of an "Elsewhere", real but evanescent, made of happiness, laughs, transgression, fun and marvel.

A particular place has been reserved to a character of great humanity and sympathy: the comic storyteller "Taiadela", Dario Mantovani, who with his irresistible imitations, original humorous stories, his popular satire, from 1926 to 1950 gladdened the squares of Veneto, Lombardia and Emilia Romagna.

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