The Visitors
Who is the "ideal visitor" of the Musem of the Ride of Bergantino?
There isn't a specific type of visitor because inside this Museum, a visitor of any age can find elements that might attract him/her personal interests. It is in fact, visited by many school-classes that can travel, room by room, through the events of History mixed with other stories linked to the daily struggle of the common men to survive and to give a shape to his creativity and phantasy. The young visitors seem to really like the use of the modern multimedia means as the in-depth thematic analisys on the touch screens. The museum is also visited by many families whose members, guided through an ideal journey between past and present, can find the roots of a common dream: the desire for happiness. There are also many groups of foreign turists that visit the Museum so we are really happy and glad to welcome you. In this case the Museum avails itself of the linguistic skills of specialised guides. Last but not least, those visitors that are a little older can find inside the Museum all of those colours, sounds and human heat of their childhood in a journey that raises emotions and touches hearts and feelings.

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