A museum for everyone
A visit at the Museum of the Ride and the Popular Show sets aside a lot of surprises for those who ventures into its rooms. In fact, the Museum is not a simple exposition of documents about the past and it is not even the reconstruction of an old Luna Park or a display of antique rides. Its peculiar characteristic is the one of being an historic and antropological museum, i.e focusing on man's history, his creativity, his desire for happiness, his anxiety of knowing the future, his need of surviving by going through everyday's struggles in life, his innate need of transcending reality.

The Historic Museum of the Ride of Bergantino focuses on every kind of popular show, to which the ride and Luna Park belong to; it focuses on all of those expressions of a culture that is considered as minor, like "Commedia dell'Arte, the Mask Theatre, the Puppets and Marionettes Theatre and the Circus by which many of the modern forms of art have been inspired and that today are more qualified. In the Museum you can go through a part of history of the humankind, from the first ritual games of the old civilizations to the big games of imperial Rome, from the leisures at the medieval courts to the birth of the first mercantile fairs, expression of variated and enterprising mankind; from the first popular and artistic forms of art in the squares performed by barkers and charlatans, up to the development of the medieval fair into the modern amusement park and finally into the Luna Park. The phenomenon of the rides takes place here, and each ride is inserted in its historic and evolutive journey, from the oldest, simplest and most common, like the swing, to the modern "technological monsters".

At this point of the tour, the Museum talks about the ride in Bergantino, about the traveling people, their stories and big sacrifices. Then the tour goes beyond the borders of this little town and expands to a wider area called "District of the Ride" up to the constructors that practice the art of entertaining people, of offering a temporary happiness, short, but never superficial and evanescent. The tour ends with a glance on the present and the future through the marvels that technology has allowed the constructor to invent and produce. It ends with a breathtaking journey among the most modern attractions: thrill rides. Words apart, this is a museum that has to be seen, tasted with our eyes, minds and hearts; a Museum...why not? that has to be seen more than once because even to the most expert visitor, it will always offer new stimulus and new emotions.