At the moment we are working on some projects for didactic laboratories to integrate with the tour through the museum for Kindergarten and Primary School. For Middle School, instead, starting from the school year 2012-2013 there is a project structured for the different grades called "Bringing the Museum to the Schools: history in the squares". The project consists of:
For 1st graders:
From the "leisure's civilty" of antique Rome to the "work's civilty" of the Middle Age.
The tour, mostly presented through the analysis of iconographic documents, starts from the social, economical and cultural organisation of the Roman Empire , moves on to the "dark ages" of the Middle Age, the awakening and rebirth of the 1000 A.D, to the late Middle Age with its monastery, the peasants' difficult life conditions, the common men's fears, but also the castles' leisures, the court's life, the tournaments and the horse rides. Finally, it focuses on the economic recovery and the following phenomenon of the birth of the Fair, an opportunity to gather, meet, trade, entertain, amuse, inform and educate oneself.

Rappresentazione in maschera tratta dalla Commedia dell’Arte
For 2nd graders:
"The italian popular theatre. From "Commedia dell'Arte" to the puppets and marionettes' shows: a mirror of everyday's life during the 16th-17th century".
Also in this case the tour is presented through the analysis of lots of iconographic documents. It starts from the narrow view of the medieval space, it goes through the evolution of thinking and the new idea of Man as centre of the Universe of the Reinassance. Finally, it presents the first experiences of modern popular theater, the "Commedia dell'Arte" or Theater of the Masks and then the Puppets and Marionettes' Theater. At this point the project includes the students' participation through the creation of scenarios and short stories that must represent old or contemporary characters and then they can animate their creations through short representations and shows.

For 3rd graders:
"The Industrial Revolution and its social effects. An anthropological tour from the Fair of the peasant civilty to today's highly technological Luna Park."
The project focuses, eventough in a brief way, on the first, second and third Industrial Revolution with their peculiar characteristics, but above all with the influence they had on the common way of living and thinking. We usually give an accurate glance to the social and economical reality of our territory called "Polesine" and its fast transformations. Meanwhile, the attention is focused on the evolution that involved the Fair from being a trading Fair in the Middle Age to Amusement Park where the rides, from simple ritual games became first of all mechanical attractions and then, with the application of the new technologies, they developed into thrill rides for the most modern and ipertechnological contemporary Luna Park.

Il burattino Sandrone Montagna Russa chiamata Himalaja. 1928. Il Vortex, moderna giostra di vertigine