The modern Luna Park: an initializing journey to accomplish a collective rite of transition

The history
At the end of the 19th century, the Fair and Luna Park became two separate and distant realities. The protagonist of the Fair was the man with his ability and creativity; uncontested leader of Luna Park was the ride, a machine with fast and unpredictable movements. The Luna Park stood out quickly because it reflected the different needs of a new public which looked for speed and strong emotions. The room wants to play on this contrast. The visitor can admire photos of that time when among rides and shows the human element still prevailed, and recent images in which stand out most of all the exterior and remarkable elements of the various attractions like movement, lights, colours, sounds and clamour.

However, something really old lasts in the modern Luna Park: a sort of collective rite with the purpose of an initializing journey. In what sense? For many, today, to get on a ride with its swirling and exasperated movements, means accepting a real challenge. It's a courage test, as well as all the ones through which the man had to demonstrate his skills in managing emotions and in particular his capacity of fighting his deepest fears.

Room of the Luna Park.
Here are the images of the most modern and meaningful attractions: the thrilling russian mountains, today called "roller coasters", like the Vortex or the Sky Streak, the labyrinths, trains and haunted houses, withc-tunnels, giant octopus : not simple rides anymore, but authentic challenges to the laws of nature against which the man fights to face all of his fears and to be delighted from a highest personal and social consideration.

The ride: from the ancient ritual games of the agricultural societies to the modern hypertechnological thrill machines

The Luna Park is the symbol of our times: fast and whirling. A part of this room wants to persuade the visitor to reconsider this phenomenon and to look at it under a new light. Each ride, indeed, also the most modern thrill ride, has its own history. At the origins there is always a man who has imagined it, studied it, projected it and built it basing on the experience of many other men who have built similar attractions before him. Each ride, then, is the arrival point of a long evolving process that takes its origins, surprisingly, from myths and rituals of the agricultural societies of the ancient times.

This part of the room of Luna Park is then a sort of bet: go searching for the origins of the rides and travel through their histories in a few images. The visitor can embrace, almost only in one glance, the birth and development of the modern thrill machines and find out for example that a really simple swing originated the different hypertechnological and most popular rides of our Luna Parks. In the room we tried to materialize through pictures the history of the Swing Ride or Chain Ride, the Ferris Wheel, the Russian Mountains and the Horse Ride. A journey throughout the time that will not disappoint our visitors and will leave them pleasant surprises.