Puppets and Marionettes : a great cultural italian tradition, heir of an old theatrical heritage(1800-1900)

The History.
The 19th century has been the golden century of the Theater of puppets and marionettes : the show companies in Italy were more than 700 and contributed to spread this form of popular culture all over Europe.
The room of Puppets.
This room is a journey through childhood, through the enchanted world of dreams that materialize themselves in the bizzare and colorful shapes of many original puppets and an old little theater. The images that enrich the room, photos and posters, talk about great theatrical representations, of men and women who have dedicated their entire lives to an old art that belongs to the italian cultural heritage. In the room you can retrace the stories of those italian families that have dedicated traditionally to this art or that still today are practising it: the puppeteers Campogalliani, Preti, Ferrari; the stringpullers Colla and Lupi.
At this point, we must stop momentarily on the present of this particular form of theater, in order to discover, also with a little bit of marvel, that puppets and marionettes are not dead. For some decades their shows have suffered a crisis, due to the advent of different forms of entertainment as cinema and tv. But today, the Theater of Figures is being kept alive from really important companies that produce shows that are appreciated in Italy and abroad.

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